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"...Donald C. Fels Jr. has produced evidence of the secrets of the Flemish masters..."

"...Fels describes the methods by which a modern painter can use the traditional recipes and methods in order to replicate the craft described by de Mayerne..."

"...could be one of the most important texts on the formulas and techniques employed by great masters."

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"Lost Secrets of Flemish Painting" is now a part of the standard collection of the following libraries and institutions:

The British Library, London
Columbia University Avery Fine Arts Library, New York
The Library of Congress, Washington D.C.
The Getty Museum, Los Angeles
Harvard University Fine Arts Library, Cambridge MA
(*since late 2012) The State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg 
Oxford University Bodleian Library, Oxford
(*since mid 2012) Biblioteca Museo Nacional Del Prado, Madrid
The Royal Dutch Library, The Hague
The Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam